Digital Photo Editing and Printing Tutorials


Black & White Film Scanning Tutorial

In this tutorial, I scan black & white film using a Nikon LS-8000ED scanner and Vuescan software.


Color Slide Film Scanning Tutorial

In this tutorial, I scan color slide film using a Nikon LS-8000ED scanner and Vuescan software.


Black & White Inkjet Printing

I explain the difficulties trying to get true black and white prints without undesired color casts from color inkjet printers, and several solutions available. Includes an in-depth step-by-step tutorial using QuadtoneRIP software with an Epson printer.


How I Did It: Step-By-Step Examples

Here I show you step-by-step how I edited some of my photographs, showing how I was able to overcome difficult technical challenges to achieve my vision.


Photoshop Curves Tutorial

One of the most powerful image correction tools in Photoshop is the Curves Adjstment. I demystify the complicated-looking tool, making it easy to understand.


Dodging and Burning With Photoshop Layers

Adjustment Layers are another powerful tool for editing photographs in Photoshop. They give you the ability to change or even undo any tone and color changes you have made to an image, and they make it easy to selectively modify parts of an image without affecting the rest of the picture.


White Balance Demystified

This tutorial explains what white balance is, why it is important, and how to control it.


My Video Tutorials on YouTube


Color Slide Scanning Demonstration



Color inkjet printing tutorial: How to make pints that match your screen



Photoshop curves adjustments explained



Editing with adjustment layers in Photoshop



Dodging and burning with layer masks in Photoshop



Image Sharpening in Photoshop and Lightroom Explained



Adjusting uneven lighting with gradient layer masks in Photoshop



Converting color photographss to black & white in Photoshop



Black and White Film Scanning Demonstration, complete process from start to finish




An orange recliner chair sits in the woods surrounded by trees and fallen leaves.




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