Shooting Techniques


Exposure Metering:

Metering Techniques: Introduction to Handheld Light Meters

A handheld light meter is the most important accessory that you can have as a photographer.

This tutorial gives you a basic introduction to the different types of handheld exposure meters, including example images metered with incident meters and reflected light meters.


Metering Techniques: Backlit Scenes

This tutorial teaches you a metering technique for quickly and easily determining proper exposure for backlit and strongly sidelit scenes.


How to Use a Spotmeter For Digital Photography

This tutorial teaches you how to use a handheld spotmeter to determine exposure for digital photography. Special emphasis is given to using the spotmeter to solve difficult exposure problems.




White Balance:

White Balance Demystified

This tutorial explains what white balance is, why it is important, and how to control it.


Other Tutorials:

The Best Maps For Photographers (YouTube)

This tutorial shows how to download free topographic maps from the US Geological Survey. These are the best maps available for those of us who like to explore rural areas; and they're completely free to download and print, courtesy of Uncle Sam!






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