Film Processing Tutorials


Choosing a Film & Developer

How to decide on a Black & White film and developer combination. Unlike color, where a standardized chemical process is used for all films, black and white photographers can choose from a huge array of developers. Different developers give different contrast, grain, image sharpness, and film speed. I explain it in this tutorial, and I tell you what I use and why.


Chris's Tested Film Developing Times

I've done the hard work for you! My tested developing times and exposure indexes for a number of Black & White films in my four favorite developers.



Controlling Image Contrast Through Film Developing

How to change film developing times to compensate for high contrast lighting. This makes it easier to maintain detail in deep shadows and brightly lit highlights.


Film Fixer Log

A log sheet that I created to keep track of how much film has gone through a gallon of film fixer. Tape it to your darkroom wall and check off for each roll you process.



Manufacturer's Tech Data Sheets

Film and Chemical technical data sheets from the manufacturers. If you're trying a new film or developer, and I don't have developing times listed for it, the manufacturers are your best starting point. Because these publications are not always easy to find on the manufacturers' websites, I have gathered links to them here.






My Film Developing Tutorials on YouTube


Black and white film developing demonstration, from start to finish



The proper way to accurately measure liquid chemicals



How to mix D-76 Developer from Kodak's packaged powder



How to mix Photographers Formulary TF-4 Alkaline Fixer



How to load stainless steel 35mm film developing reels



How to load stainless steel 120 film developing reels



Film Developing: How to agitate



How to cut strips of negatives so that they won't bind up in plastic storage pages



Black and white film developing with PMK Pyro developer




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