Manufacturer's Technical Publications


Film and Chemical technical data sheets from the manufacturers. If you're trying a new film or developer, and I don't have developing times listed for it, the manufacturers are your best starting point. Because these publications are not always easy to find on the manufacturers' websites, I have gathered links to them here.

All of the links will open in new tabs as PDF files.


Kodak B&W Films and Chemicals:


These are the tech data sheets for the current version of Kodak's black & white films. Note that all of these films were reformulated several years ago, and the developing times for them changed! Use these publications only for the current versions of Kodak films.

Tri-X 400

Tmax 100

Tmax 400

Tmax p3200


Discontinued Films

My tech sheets for discontinued Kodak films are the last versions that Kodak published before they stopped making these films.


Verichrome Pan

High Speed Infrared



These are the current Kodak chemical data sheets. Use them for current versions of the Kodak chemicals and current versions of the films. In 2019, Kodak reformulated some of their developers.



Tmax Developer



Kodak Guide To Cross Processing

Processing C-41 color negative films in E-6 slide processing chemicals.





Ilford B&W Films,
Chemicals, and Papers:

These are the current versions of Ilford's technical publications for their black and white films. They should be considered accurate only for the current versions of these films, since older versions may require different developing times.

Ilford now has all of their tech publications available on a single page on their website, making them very easy to find. Click the link below:

Ilford B&W Tech Publications


Foma B&W Films:

The data sheets for Foma films also apply to the Arista.EDU Ultra films sold by Freestyle Photographic.

Fomapan 100 Classic

Fomapan 200 Creative

Fomapan 400 Action

Retropan 320 Soft





Agfa B&W Chemicals:

This is the best version I have of Agfa's recommended developing times for Rodinal developer. It includes times for dilutions higher than 1+50 for some films. This info sheet is also more accurate than Agfa's later tech documents for Rodinal, which indicated strangely long developing times for many Kodak and Ilford films.

Keep in mind that Kodak has reformulated ALL of thier black and white films since Agfa's demise, so the developing times for Kodak films may not be correct. See my Tested Developing Times for correct Rodinal times before you use the old Agfa data I am offering below. The Agfa recommendations are a good starting point for old versions of Kodak films, or for films I have not tested in Rodinal.

Rodinal Developing Times


Fuji B&W films:

These are the last versions I have of Fuji's technical publications for their black and white films.

Acros 100

Neopan 400

Neopan 1600


Other Chemicals:

Acufine and Diafine Developers





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