Personal Photography Instruction from Christopher Crawford


Learn photography techniques one on one with an experienced artist. I can provide you with personalized instruction in the specific areas you wish to study using either traditional film or the latest digital equipment and techniques.

I have worked with photographers at all levels, from beginners who want to know what all those buttons on their new digital camera do, up to experienced professionals wanting to explore new techniques.

I do not teach workshops or classes; my students work with me one-on-one so that we can concentrate on what you as an individual photographer want to learn.

Beginner's Photography Lessons

• Photography Lessons for New Photographers


Advanced Lessons

• Black and White photography with digital or film

• Black and White processing and printing in the traditional darkroom.

• Adobe Photoshop basic editing techniques such as color correction, masking and layers, RAW file conversion, digital black and white, sharpening, etc.

• Advanced digital imaging techniques such as changing backgrounds of portraits, combining images, hand coloring black and white images, etc.

• Color management for digital photography. If your prints dont match your screen, you need color management. Learn to properly calibrate your screen and how to set up your printer for the highest quality output.

• Film scanning and digital printing of color and black and white film images.



Gift certificate for photography lessons

Gift Certificates Available!


• Studio lighting for portraiture or still life

• Web design for photographers. Learn to layout and publish an online portfolio using Dreamweaver.

• Fine Art Printing

• Landscape photography

• Portrait Photography





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