Portfolio Reviews For Fine Art Photographers


Many photographers obsess over equipment, materials, and techniques. While technical knowledge is essential, and choice of materials and techniques are important, the most difficult aspects of any artistic pursuit are vision and creativity. You can learn teachnical knowledge by reading books or websites like this one, by taking lessons, and by practicing. Finding your artistic 'voice' is more difficult.

Sucess as a fine art photographer requires more than the ability to make technically excellent photographs. It isn't even enough to produce aesthetically beautiful or interesting photographs. You need to produce a body of work that works together as a consistant 'whole.' Many photographers have difficulty finding their 'voice.'


Another pair of eyes

A portfolio review can help you see your work from the perspective of someone who is not emotionally invested in it, as galleries, publishers, and collectors will. I offer portfolio reviews in person and online. I will not simply tell you that your work is good or bad. I will offer an in-depth critique of your work, explaining its strengths and weaknesses, and offer advice on directions that you can explore in your work to create a compelling body of work.



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