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Many high schools offer photography classes, and many of them still teach black and white film and darkroom work. In an age when film photography has become a purely artistic medium (commercial work is now almost all digital), students are forunate that so many of our schools allow them to learn traditional photography with hand-processed film and handmade silver-based printing.

Most schools, outside of well-funded big-city and suburban districts, assign their art teacher to teach the photography classes. Some art teachers have never done extensive work in photography, and many younger teachers have mainly worked with digital cameras and Photoshop.

I have taught several high school photo teachers how to process B&W Film and make prints in the darkroom, and I have helped them choose film, paper, chemicals, and equipment best suited to a school environment. Many of the lesson plans, technical handouts, and other class materials that I have prepared are available for you to read and download. I offer personal lessons and consulting to schools and teachers located within driving distance of Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Recommended Materials

A list of film, paper, and chemicals that work best for students. Links to recommended items and detailed explanations of why I chose them.


Film Developing Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for developing film. You can give this to each student as a handhout, and post it over the developing sink as a reference.


Film Fixer Log

A gallon of Film Fixer can be used for about 50 rolls of film. This sheet allows you to track how many films your students process so that the fixer can be replaced before it becomes exhausted.

Chris's Tested Film Developing Times

I've done the hard work for you! My tested developing times and exposure indexes for a number of Black & White films in my four favorite developers.


Manufacturer's Tech Data Sheets

Film and Chemical technical data sheets from the manufacturers. If you're trying a new film or developer, and I don't have developing times listed for it, the manufacturers are your best starting point. Because these publications are not always easy to find on the manufacturers' websites, I have gathered links to them here.


Paper Developing Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for developing Black & White RC printing paper.


Youtube Channel

I have created several video tutorials demonstrating film processing and digital editing techniques. Students love watching videos, and they often learn better by seeing it done as opposed to reading or listening to instructions.



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